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Construction Project Begins at CAE

Beginning Thursday, December 15, Columbia Metropolitan Airport will begin a project to renovate all of the public restrooms in the terminal building. The project will include replacing and providing new plumbing and fixtures; new flooring and base; new partitions; new and modified lay-in acoustical ceilings, doors, frames, painting; HVAC modifications; new light fixtures; and other associated work. Scheduled completion is early July 2012.

The work is being done by local companies with DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) participation at 15.5% which exceeds the airport’s goal this year of 10.38%. The project architect is Heyward and Woodrum; consulting engineers are Felkel & Hastings (mechanical) and John Ray Williams & Associates (electrical); and the general contractor is Boyer Commercial Construction, Inc. Major subcontractors are Mac’s Mechanical (plumbing & mechanical); Burkette Electric (electrical); Watford Tile (flooring); and Westcad (toilet accessories). The total cost for the project is $986,100. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is funding 95% of the project with the remaining cost being covered by the airport.

To minimize the impact to our travelers during the holiday period, the project will begin in one of the restrooms located on the lower level commuter lounge in the arrival/departure concourse. All other restrooms will be available during the holiday travel period. Following the holidays, the construction schedule calls for renovations to begin at other restroom locations but directional signage will be posted to advise our travelers and visitors to available restrooms.

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