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Columbia Metropolitan Airport Not Facing Closure

Despite recent reports, Columbia Metropolitan Airport is not facing immediate threats of closure. Unfortunately, shaky data and unsupported rumor have led to misleading reports. If Congress fails to reverse the automatic, across-the-board spending cuts scheduled for the first of the year and sequestration does take place, The Federal Aviation Administration would face a $1.35 billion cut from its annual budget. However, Columbia Metropolitan Airport Executive Director, Dan Mann explains that by no means would these cuts cause the airport to close. “Reports that FAA budget cuts would cause mass furloughs at select airports and that Columbia Metropolitan Airport would close are based on pure speculation and farfetched assumptions,” says Mann. “FAA is currently responsible for our control tower, yes, but as an airport we have a number of alternatives that would ensure our ability to maintain regular operations regardless of what may be happening with the FAA.” Columbia Metropolitan Airport has a long history of serving this community and has done so through difficult economic times and an array of political climates. We are very proud of the service we provide and even more so of the progress that we have made over the past several years as it relates to both passenger and cargo traffic. We have every intention of remaining an asset to South Carolina’s economy.

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