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CAE TSA Employees Credited With Rescuing Accident Victim

A woman was recently rescued when two TSA employees risked their own safety to pull her from her car after it flipped over in an accident.

TSS-E Donny Futch and TSM Anthony Kornegay, both of Columbia Metropolitan Airport, were driving from training at Florence Regional Airport. As they traveled through an unpopulated area on a local highway they were among the first to arrive at the scene of the car accident.

As they approached the car, which had rolled into the ditch, they found the driver distraught and strapped into her seat. The car was upside down and the engine still running. Futch managed to crawl his way into the heavily damaged vehicle through the back door and was able to turn the engine off and talk with the driver. He immediately helped calm her and did his best to determine whether she was injured. A few minutes later he helped her as she released the seat belt and crawled out of the car.

Kornegay gave her a jacket to stay warm and both he and Futch remained with her until EMS arrived.
“We just did what needed to be done,” said Futch, a three-year veteran of TSA. “We are both grateful this young woman was OK.”

“The response of Futch and Kornegay is a perfect example of their character and their professionalism, and is the kind of selfless action that makes TSA and the TSA family what it is today,” said FSD Eric Beane.

Written by W. Dean Cousins, AFSD-S, Columbia Metropolitan Airport
Photo: TSS-E Brooks Futch (at center with arms crossed) with the victim and emergency personnel at the scene of the accident. Courtesy of Anthony Kornegay

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