Public Safety Department

Columbia Metropolitan Airport’s Public Safety Department provides 24 hour safety and security services to the airport.

Physical Address:
2903 Aviation Way,
West Columbia, SC 29170

803-822-5025 (Police)
803-822-5030 (Fire)

A Mission to Serve

The Department of Public Safety exists to support the Columbia Metropolitan Airport’s mission to provide the airport community and those traveling within, a safe and peaceful environment through professional law enforcement and fire rescue services.

World Class Facilities

In 2016 the Columbia Metropolitan Airport’s Public Safety Department moved into a brand new 19,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art facility designed to be environmentally friendly and provide the department with the resources needed to best serve the airport and its passengers.

CAE DPS Vehicles 028 5_15
CAE DPS Vehicles 026 5_15
CAE DPS Vehicles 024 5_25
CAE DPS Vehicles 021 5_15
Kodiak 5_15
Metro 10 5_15
Metro 6 5_15

Dual Certification

All Columbia Airport Public Safety Officers are dual certified.  These Officers have  been through hundreds of hours of training. The Officers must continue taking courses after the initial certification to stay informed on laws and new equipment.

Work for CAE Public Safety

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